Sunday, August 23, 2009

Too long, Too BUSY!

well, sorry that is has been so long everyone. the story over here has not changed much, i work way to much and spent what little time off i have sleeping. so no much fun stuff happening on my end. Im still in sunny san diego and still....doing my thing, work that is. i still need to post up my hawaii pictures, im waiting for a good internet connection. i have my old phone back up and running so feel free to call me! weekends are the best. Congrats to justin and ash!! good luck with the new baby girl! sorry justin about the second job you will have to be taking... and im letting you know now that i am not giving out loans, sorry bud! to the rest of the fam i love you all very much, and hope you all are having alot more fun then me!
love, lcpl Grisham

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