Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pearl Harbor_

Hello ALL! this post is the pictures I took well, not all but from Pearl Harbor, the first time, at the Arizona memorial. It was really cool getting to go there and see how the second world war
started. (now i have seen the start and finish of WW2) any ways, it was pretty cool, also a little sad to see how many marines and sailors died that early Sunday morning. If any you ever get the chance you should go see pearl harbor, there is so much cool stuff over there i had a blast! Justin and Brandon, i hope you liked your golf balls. they were from the USS Missouri gift shop. in my pictures you will see the Arizona monument, the Arizona in the water, as well as a Amphibious assault ship and some cruisers that are moored in the port. you also see a far away shot of the USS Missouri Battleship. ENJOY!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hawaii round 2

well, second set of pictures, these are the base were we were workin. there was a whole bunch ch-53e helios. they are so big! i was suprised how big they were. it was horrible seeing the beautiful water and beach 100 ft from us and not being able to swim. it sucked!

Hawaii! such a great place

well well well, hello all, sorry it has been awhile. i just got back to japan, and now have my internet again. i have alot of pictures to catch up on! here are my pictures for hawaii! well the first half any ways. this was on my day off when we went to wiki and walked around base! it was sooo b-e-a-utiful! but that still is no reason to go with out your kids 3 times! (cough mom and dad) any ways enjoy! alot more coming!