Friday, June 19, 2009

AIRSHOW take 2!

a Harrier taking off vertically it was crazy to see!

this was really cool to see, its a c-130 followed by 2 f-18s and 2 harriers

C-130, these guys are big, this is the c-130 i rode to okinawa

this was on the tail of the jet in the next picture

JMSDF F-4 phantom
Japanesse F-15 Eagle

JMSDF P-3 orion. (Japanesse Maratime Self Defense Force)

this thing was huge! a giant flying boat plane

Japanesse huey

this would be my Squadron, VMFA(AW)-242 "the BATS"
a VMFA 224 the Bangels a marine sqd

a US navy f/a-18 super hornet

Hello family and friends! as you can see i have been catching up on all my blog, getting some pictures and stories up for you to enjoy! well since i only put like one third of the airshow pictures up i decided to get the rest of them up for you guys to enjoy. so you better enjoy them! at liked looking at all the cool fighters!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

today i came home to find that my roomate had caught a gaint japanesse killer bee, it had to be a mutant to or something. it was huge! and nasty. it was more of a wasp then a bee, it had gaint pincers and was really mad to be locked in a gaint gatorade bottle. the gatorade bottle was 32 oz as well, not no little gatorade bottle.sorry about the not so great pictures, i was a litttle in shock to see a gaint man eating bee, so please forgive the bad pictures. i got to give props to the guys who take pictures of the angry wild animals, like as it charges them. also, i should have put my thumb next to it or like opened the bottle, to be honest i was a little scared to open the bottle haha. it was super pissed! i saw its little chompers going and it was trying to fly, not gonna lie, a little scary. so yes, this is my first not so good experince with japans wildlife.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

dont worry i have the escape plans!
This is a HSV

this is were i spent all my time at the start of the trip. First i was to enjoy the view, then to lose my breakfast.
some pretty islands
the view was great... when i was awake
you cant see but there were little houses on the shore
this is were i spent alot of my trip.. asleep. i was using that brown camel back as my pillow the whole time haha

some one has done a very bad job of updating there blog!! that would be me, in my defense i have been out serving my country getting work done! ha, so if you got a problem with that call up uncle sam. moving on, well i had a fun little adventure getting home from okinawa. okinawa is a a inland off of japan that has alot of bigger US airbases. we went down there from some air training. this was my first deployment and it went pretty well. the first couple of weeks were a little rough but i got the hang of it. Now comes the matter of getting home. I get the oppertunity to ride on a HSV. a high speed vessel, basically a big fast ferry. all starts out well, as you can see from the pictures i got, i was enjoying me self, then we hit the open ocean and got super sea sick. i end up throwing up 5,6,7 times, luckly the Doc (aka Navy corpmen) had sea sickness pills. i took one of those and was out for the rest of the trip. i woke up for the last hour of the trip, so i snaped some "arrival" picutres. hahaha so enjoy the start and end of my very very sucky trip.