Sunday, May 24, 2009


hello every one, just taking a little on sunday afternoon to update every one. Im still in Okinawa Japan, on a DET, a little deployment. Work has been pretty busy, its pretty fun tho. i have gotten to load alot of cool Bombs already, like the mark 77 firebomb (napalm) and both laser and gps guied smart bombs. pretty cool stuff. i have gotten to spend alot of time around the f-18s and that has been pretty cool also, there really freakin loud. i have also got to ride on a c-130 cargo jet, i got kinda airsick on it. mostly cuz its really hot and loud and there are no windows. Its like a gaint box.. that flys. I got to go off base and and spend some time out in japan, its pretty interesting, and really different, i cant read a whole lot! well thats about it for me, its been alot of the same work eat sleep, all day. I will make sure to keep every one updated! email if you have any questions

Saturday, May 16, 2009

i loaded the missle you see here, its a AGM-88 HARM. <-- that is a AV-8B harrier. look at the millions of japanesse running around!

this first shot is from my room, that is a football field full of cars! it was crazy! the next couple are the fire fighting gear for dad!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The other day was "Friendship day" here in Japan. i guess its a pretty big deal. its to help keep are good relations with the locals. Basically its a big party, there is a airshow, concert, food, cars, things to buy, all the good stuff. It was pretty interesting and i got alot of cool pictures of planes and helio's. And for my dads viewing pleasure i managed to get some shots of the firefighting gear! its funny to look at all the japanesse people in my pictures, they were every where! As i said before there was a mini car show, some cool cars there. and just for brandon (your welcome) i took a close of shot of both the BMW's man they were so tight... pics to follow shortly, i am having technical problems

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here is a picture of my Promotion warrent, the certificate i received when I was promoted, and a picture of my new chevrons! The other too pictures are to make my little brother Jordan jealous, of the newest addition to my room! Prepare to be destroyed on xbox live!


Good new! I figured out a way to get some pictures up here. but since i haven't been off base yet... all the pictures are of the base are close area. I got some pictures of the base, the view of the base from my room, random stuff i.e. cars and my issued combat gear, and some shots of my roommates when they weren't expecting a picture. Hope you enjoy! one other good note, i am officially a Lance Corporal now, (LCPL)!! I was promoted by my Warrant officer and Master Sgt. That was really cool. I have a cool bunch of guys that I'm working with. Their helping me learn the ropes and not make to much of a fool of my self. Also on the 6th of May I will be "deploying" to Okinawa, Kadena Air Force Base. There I will get to do live air to air and air to ground missile shoots. Should be very exciting and cool stuff. My first week of work is about to begin tomorrow, i will be out launching jets and loading up chaff, flare and maybe some Aim-9's sweeettt. more to come soon!
P.S. i included the big picture of carmens head just for her!
ok I found a way to get some pictures on here... Yay! So I got some pictures of the base. the view around the base. and some goofy and cool cars on base. also for your enjoyment I got pictures of my roomates, when they were least expecting a picture.