Saturday, May 8, 2010

in korea...still

Well, its day 33 that i have been in South Korea. I have been too 4 or 5 citys now and am ready to head home. only because i am tierd of living in tents...(some may say there is another reason =) id agree) any ways. i have gotten a tooth repaired, gone to many days with out a shower, hung out in bunkers, caves, and been close to way to many jets talking off. we lived about 300m from the end out the runway, so every time a jet would leave, it would fly right over us. But on the bright side, i have enjoyed the time i got to spend in civiliztion, while in korea. it is a very beautiful country with really awesome people. i would love to spend more time on vaction here. haha, i actually like korea (south that is) more then japan, there very freindly and everything is much cheaper. since i am still in korea i can not post my pictures from here yet, but they will be up soon i promise! i got to go on a trip to osan and to Seoul. Me and emily went up to seuol and had a blast, so you will see alot of the random pictures we took as we shopped and saw the sites. i also got to see a korean talent night of sorts. it was really really cool, the local high school tae kawn do team did this big thing and it was really amazing! it was sweet, ill try and find some pictures for you guys! i also went to the korea war memorial, which is huge here. it was really great and i got lots and lots of pictures. i kinda felt like you dad, just taking pictures of every thing that moved. any ways, thats all for now pictures coming soon! love you all!

Monday, February 15, 2010


well it has been quite a while since i have updated my blog, sorry every one. i have been in thailand and we have to go a little distance to get to the internet cafe of sorts they set up. any ways, i have been here for 3 weeks about, were getting ready to go back to iwakuni now. im actually looking forward to going back to japan. hahaha sounds funny to say, but i have caught on to japanesse a little bit and it seems "more" normal then thailand. haha that sounds funny. i have gotten to see elephants walking the streets, lots of she men, and way to much just wierd stuff. congrats to Justin and Ashley!!! i cant wait to meet harper, and i cant believe Gage is almost 2! thats crazy, the lucky little guy will have a cool thailand shirt to wear when ever i get the chance to send it to him. i managed to go to the Korat zoo, Korat being the city of sorts that i am staying in. oh yes, by the way, if any one wants to know, im in Korat, at there 1st wing Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) base. We were here for Cobra Gold 2010, a big joint exercise between the RTAF, us and Singapore. Pretty cool stuff, it is really really hot here. By about 11 it will reach 90 degrees, and its very humid. Between that, working alot, and coming from Iwakuni were it was 20-30 degrees, it was a rough adjustment. but all is well, i managed to make it through, learn some stuff, and get some good training. pictures will be following very shortly, so keep and eye out for those! i love all you guys alot and cant wait to come home and see you guys again!